Many people make their job their identity. It may be because it is their passion, or a dream come true.

Others strive for the recognition that the job status may give them. Some even feel good about themselves

because of their job title. Whatever the case, the tangled web of identity and job may cause one to feel one

of two ways: good about themselves, or crappy.


Why is this the case? Well, self-esteem is tied to the roles that you perform. The more roles, the more

access to self-esteem. If you feel like you are doing a good job as a mother, then you likely say kind things

to yourself when you make a mistake. If you feel like you are never getting things done at work, then you

likely say pretty crappy things to yourself.


Self-esteem does not occur in isolation. In other words, there are external factors that cause you to have a

high or low self-esteem, not all necessarily your fault, but unfortunately your burden to bear. Like how your

co-workers treat you. We’re all adults, but let’s face it when someone is confrontational or rude to you at

work, it affects you and you probably don’t like it one bit. How your boss treats you affects you as well.

You’ve busted your bottom on a project only to be told it isn’t good enough to present to a client. This stuff

is not only disappointing, but it affects your self-esteem.


We have to get into the habit of flexing our self-esteem muscle. This can be done by maintaining a self-

report of your accomplishments at work, preferably written down, so you can see what you’ve got done.

Maintain a passion outside of work that will help you recharge your workplace batteries. If you allow the

workplace to consume you, you will continue in a tangled web of identity and job, and your self-esteem

dragged right along with it.


Comment down below and let us know what are some ways you balance your work life and personal life?