Many years ago women who loved sex were considered mentally disturbed.  In current times, a women who does not love engaging in sexual relations could be labeled as being dysfunctional.  The truth is sexuality is a normal part of life and sexual desire can go in cycles.  A women’s culture, expectations, experiences, mental health and emotional health help shape her sexuality.  

Many women will need to have an emotional connection in order to have a sexual desire towards a partner.  Women with low sexual desire, or libido, is a normal phenomenon. As we age, women often experience less desire due to many factors including but not limited to being ill, taking medications, having physical ailments or even a negative self-image.  Did you know that a women’s partner can also assist with the decrease in her sexual desire? Marital dissatisfaction, stress, normal life pressures, unrealistic expectations and unresolved issues can all affect the emotional connection in a relationship, thus decreasing her sexual desire.  Although it is normal for a women’s sexual desire to decrease, this does not mean it is the end.  

As described, physical and emotional factors are linked and intermingle in unpredictable and stimulating ways.  Sexual peaks are reached at any age, which mean an increase in sexual desire and a full sex drive becoming obtainable.  There are a variety of different natural approaches to increasing your sex drive.  However, ever person is different.  Decreasing stress is a good place to start. Experiment to find out what works best for you.  Sometimes, the solution isn’t in a prescribed medication with an attached diagnosis.

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