What exactly is Self-Love?

Internet research provides many different things: self-esteem, self-worth, self-compassion, and

even the “taboo”: masturbation. Oh dear, not that! Why do people stray away from that word?

What is it about masturbation that makes people suddenly hush up?

Possibly shame has something to do with it. Maybe people were taught to never touch

themselves, for whatever reason. That would bring about feelings of confusion and discomfort

for sure. Yet, how do we ignore what our bodies desire?

Let’s face it: masturbation is natural. Just as we cannot deny sexual attraction or desires, we

cannot deny the incredible, pleasurable, and satisfying act of self-love. In fact, masturbation

relieves stress, as endorphins are released during the process. It is not always about climaxing

either, the process of self-discovery can be just as healthy. As you learn what is comfortable (or

not so much) for you, you will likely know what will feel good (or not) with your partner. Even

more, you can share the experience with your partner – it does not always have to be about


Being healthy also includes being sexually healthy, and what better way to be sexually healthy

than to get to know yourself on the most private level possible. Plus, wouldn’t be fun if you

were your own best sexual partner? So take time to explore – no rush, no pressure, and best of

all, you know who you’re exploring! Here’s to your sexuality and self-love!