Presents, partying and playtime

Many people look forward to the holiday season for different reasons: presents, parties, family, etc. What about the intimate moments with your spouse?  It can seemingly become difficult to squeeze in a moment for an intimate rendezvous with your spouse. With all of the holiday dinner plans, decorations and present wrapping, stress and tension can build up.  One thing we know for certain is that sex and stress does not always mix.  It has been scientifically verified that sex can potentially help reduce that stress from the endorphins that are released by the brain, which automatically lifts your mood.  Are you to be relieved of some built up stress and tension?  Four ways to squeezing in some playtime during the holidays:  

  1. Tools, clothes and games are all great gifts but are they proven to help release stress and provide intimate moments? Give your spouse the gift of sex. It can be unforgettable and stress relieving.
  2. Go for the quickie.  A quickie can be an intense and spontaneous sexual experience that can keep your spouse guessing.
  3. Secretly play with each other.  Don’t be so serious.  Anything from secretive sexual jokes to “accidental” groping and touches can help build up the sexual tension.
  4. Showering together can cut down on the time but increase the chances of intimate playtime.
  5. Sexting; something as simple as a picture of your bra straps can make a day 10x more interesting. Maybe play hide and seek around the house by sending sexy pictures of yourself and hints of your location.

How do you and your partner have fun during the holidays? Leave a comment down below!