Everyone deals with low self-esteem from time to time. Our confidence is shaken when

something unexpected happens, or a mistake occurs. We begin to question ourselves, asking

ourselves things such as: “Am I good enough?” “Do I deserve this?”


What’s unfortunate is when our self-esteem is shaken so much that it begins to influence our

perspective of our relationship with our partner. Although we can never prevent feelings of

inadequacy or stop the possible questions of our self-worth, it does help to be aware of when

these feelings occur. Being mindful of these occurrences, especially in our romantic

relationships, can certainly go a long way. If ignored, our perception of our relationship or our

partner may become distorted, as we slowly decline into the funky world of low self-esteem.


And then what? We watch our romantic relationship fade away into the break-up abyss? No

way! We can fight back – first, we must recognize that our self-esteem is negatively affecting

our relationship. That’s a tough pill to swallow. Yet once we recognize this, we can do

something about it. There is nothing wrong with talking it out – with a professional, trusted

friend, and yes, even your partner. Secondly, practice changing self-talk. The next time bad

things float into thought, change it around to something nice. With practice, it can really help re-

build self-esteem, which in turn helps strengthen relationships with others.


What are some ways you practice self-love?