The holidays can be hectic, especially if you are in a committed relationship with children.  How do you survive the holidays, in-laws, family, friends, and the kids’ holiday break while keeping your romantic relationship on track?  Here are some tips:

  1. Have a date night.  It does not have to be any fancy.  Cooking together at home and sitting by candle light can provide the same if not more intimacy than a fancy restaurant with many others around you.
  2. No matter how stressed you get, don’t forget about your partner.  He or she may be stressed too.  Take time throughout your busy day to check on the love of your life.  It can be a simple text message or phone call.  
  3. During the holidays, major discussions about presents, stress of family and in-laws, and unwanted drama may be in the forefront of every discussion you two may have.  Break the monotony and ask random things about each other, such as “remember the day we met?”.  This will re-energize your connection.
  4. Laugh.  Known as the “best medicine”, laughter is associated with relieving stress.  Tell each other jokes, watch a funny movie, or share funny memes with each other.  
  5. Write each other love notes.  They can be on a post it note, text, or email, whatever is comfortable or convenient for you.  If handwriting the note, feel free to get creative and leave it places for your partner to find.
  6. Focus on what the holidays really mean for the two of you.  Are you grateful for your family?  Your job?  Your partner and children?  Focus on that when you feel stressed, and of course, share with your partner.  Gratitude is contagious!  

Remember: maintaining your connection is key.  And hey, the stress of the holidays will soon pass, just as every other time of the year.