Ladies who serve in the military adopt a sense of pride that is shared among their male counterparts. You wear the same uniform, and follow the same standard operating procedures expected of you. How do you express your sexuality and femininity after being boxed into a mold that everyone, regardless of sex, shares with you? Not all women struggle with feeling feminine, or it just not be your thing. But what if it is?

Here are some fun and girly tips you can use while in uniform:

1. Mani/Pedis. Yes ladies, go get your nails done, or paint them yourself if you don’t have access to a nail salon. You are wearing boots or uniformed shoes all day, why not give yourself a little pampering time when you can? While in uniform, bright and outlandish colors are not acceptable on fingernails, nor are long nails. Here’s the catch: No one said you can’t have fun toenails in uniform!

2. Perfume and scented lotions. Some women change their scent depending on their mood. Just as long as the smell is not overbearing, causing allergic reactions from others, or not against any orders specific to scents, it shouldn’t be a problem.

3. Scented or flavored lip balm. It fits in your pocket and is a cute way to express your femininity, while fending off chapped lips. Be careful regarding color, it must represent the uniform appropriately.

4. Underwear. Just like in civilian clothing, wearing cute underwear makes you feel feminine.

5. Light make up. Sometimes you have to break out the mascara and enjoy it! If you are a makeup kind of girl, there is nothing wrong with expressing that in uniform.

Well there you go!

Being in uniform does not have to take away your femininity! Just remember to follow the specific operating procedures for your branch. How do you express yourself while in uniform?