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Women and Our Libido

Many years ago women who loved sex were considered mentally disturbed.  In current times, a women who does not love engaging in sexual relations could be labeled as being dysfunctional.  The truth is sexuality is a normal part of life and sexual desire can go in cycles.  A women’s culture, expectations, experiences, mental health and [...]

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Maintaining Self-Care In the Work Place

Relationships can be difficult, but work place relationships add a layer of difficulty that is sometimes overwhelming.  You can’t treat individuals in your work place the way you would your close friend; there is a time and a place for everything and the work place is usually focused on professionalism.  However, there may be individuals [...]

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Maintaining Mental and Emotional Health While In a Romantic Relationship

So you’ve found the one and you are head over heels with him or her.  It’s a wonderful feeling, and you want to make this person your world, if you haven’t already.  It is exciting and overwhelming and like most women, you want to give your relationship one thousand percent.  But what about you?  How [...]

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